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Carolyn K. McGraw is an Entrepreneur Mentor, Speaker Trainer and Medical Intuitive. She is also an International Best-Selling Author, and TV Host of “Life on Purpose” on the Woman’s Broadcast Network Channel.

Her experience includes 15 years experience helping others overcome challenges as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Counselor. She spent over 20 years teaching school earning a Masters Degree in Education.

How Carolyn Can Help You

Speaker Training

Manifest your dreams to help people and make a difference in the world.

Speaker Request

Book Carolyn as your next inspiration speaker for your event.

Coaching/ Healing

Elevate your life and create transformation in your life.

Greatly Improve My Confidence...

Carolyn has helped me greatly improve my confidence as a speaker, which has been a huge benefit to my career as a Business Consultant. Carolyn and I started working together because I needed help preparing for a presentation I was going to give in front of an audience of 250 people.

Together we clarified my message and worked on how to deliver my story to the crowd. After receiving a standing ovation, I was also thanked by many people for sharing something they could relate to.

Since working with Carolyn, I have presented several more talks and plan to continue this path of speaking. I am so very grateful for Carolyn’s friendship and partnership throughout my process of growth. I could not have gained the confidence needed to be successful without her support and guidance.

– Elizabeth, Business Consultant

Gave Me Courage to Speak from My Heart...

Carolyn gave me courage to speak from my heart and through her encouragement I came to understand myself in a deeper way. With her support I am writing a book now. Carolyn gave me the opportunity to get on TV too. Her unique process has changed me.

– Mariana, Sacramento

I got to see my soul's path...

I came to Carolyn because I have my first speaking engagement in three weeks and didn’t have a clue what to speak about or how to speak about it.

I knew I had blocked energy in my throat. It was keeping me from speaking

And what I got in our session, Our VIP day. was my old story. But I also got to see my soul’s path and what has actually
been stopping me from being from fulfill my soul’s path.

I always knew I should speak that I didn’t know what I was supposed to speak about. And so now I know what I’m supposed to speak about and it is a topic that was never on invited radar that has me blown away right now.

And I’m still trying to absorb what that means. And it’s huge. It’s huge. Thank you.

– Denise, Coach & Healer

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