About Us


Carolyn K. McGraw is a Wellness Practitioner, Life Coach, Speaker and Author. Trained as Clinical Hypnotherapist, Carolyn started her business as an Intuitive Counselor. With a great passion for the healing arts she created her own method called the “Happiness Blueprint”.  Education is her background and she taught for over 20 years on the K-12 grade levels. After earning a master’s degree, she became a Reading Specialist. She went from English teacher to TV Host and produced her own show called, “Life on Purpose” on WBTVN.TV. Carolyn has also been featured on “The Good Life Show” and “Voice America” with her inspirational story of transforming the lives of youth from gangs and jail with Poetry-Therapy. That experience led her to create “Healing Hearts” which is a therapeutic writing and performance arts program to alleviate anxiety and depression. Carolyn is a published Poet and member of Keynote Poet of Sacramento. As a high school student Carolyn won an essay contest entitled “Why My Family is important to Me” which was published in the Congressional Records. Writing college courses and best sellers as a Ghost Writer she has developed a unique way to bring out one’s story as she coaches writers and speakers. Special coaching program he has a special coaching program for authors, speakers, parents, students and healers.

Training: Healing Within, Emotional Release Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Energy Connection, Somatic Healing, Cranial Sacral, Cellular Release Technique, Aroma-Therapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Krasner Hypnosis. 



My Vision of a healed world is where every individual feels their own self-worth and is free to shine their light of magnificence so that we may all radiate unconditional love, harmoniously connecting in peace, joyously learning and serving each other creating miracles!” – Carolyn K. McGraw