Coach, Speaker, Author, TV Host

    “There is joy in using your innate gifts to serve others;
    it is what you were born to do and your reason for being.”

    – Carolyn K. McGraw

How I went From a School Teacher to

Becoming a TV Host and Helping Others

Teaching at-risk youth from gangs and jail had taken a great toll on me.

After years in getting my Masters degree in Education and teaching for over 20 years, I left teaching.

I was inspired to write about my experience seeing my students transform their life through my healing hearts curriculum writing and sharing their personal story.

It started with one question, “what do you want to heal in your heart?”

I had a dream of making the experience into a movie and even pitched to a movie producer.

I started my path to entrepreneurship

I tried to make money to fund my dreams of mentoring young entrepreneurs and speaking to High school and college students.

I had to invest a lot of time learning and figuring out how to make it work. I was filled with self-doubt and lack of the right skills to be successful. I spend more time on my business than in my business. I was charging hourly for my coaching sessions until I hired a coach.

It was the best thing I ever did to grow my business and gain credibility.

It was an investment in my dream and myself that launched me to become a tv host,  author and motivational speaker.

Working with a coach opened up my world to many amazing opportunities.  I met the Guinness Book of World Records for memory, Dave Farrow in a Mastermind and also the mother of one of my favorite actors Vince Vaughn. I received many opportunities to be on radio and TV.

Then I hit a ceiling…

I had many limiting beliefs and that were interfering with me my confidence

I still struggle and kept flip-flopping from different niches trying to find my thing.  I wasn’t good at presenting my program and asking for the sale. I had many limiting beliefs and that were interfering with me my confidence

I really enjoyed speaking and began focusing on getting more gigs. I received lots of compliments  but still no results or clients.

Then I had a breakthrough I got real clear on my ideal client and it flowed easily and beautiful as she needed everything that I had in my toolbox: confidence speaking relationships and health I helped her go from zero speaking experience and an intense fear of just having conversation to speaking to a room of 250 Educators getting a standing ovation.

What an awesome feeling it was to see her  huge success in a very short time.

Over the years I have found my superpowers

One is that I can see others gifts and encourage them to the right path for them. The second is mentoring others to break through their limitations and align with their genius building their confidence and speaking skills.

Oprah said “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

The clue to your calling is Your innate god given gift you were born with , your spark.

The problem is Some people don’t recognize or share their gift… hide it, downplay or maybe didn’t have anyone to encourage them. when you hide your gift you hide from God.

 Genius Alignment Method

 A unique multifaceted coaching and healing process that offers strategies,  alignment and transformation using principles of energy psychology.

 1-Recode- break through patterns and habits and resolve issues faster with a love mindset to raise your self-worth.

 2-Reboot- release negativity, stress and blocks to uplevel well-being and relationships. Learn new skills and habits to thrive in every area of your life

3-Recharge-accelerate your happy quotient & supercharge your success by expressing true self with more confidence, tap into your inner wisdom, design your success blueprint with high vibe tools and tips

4- Reclaim Your Vision- Spiritual alignment with crystal clarity on your genius zone and life mission. Learn high vibe tools and tips to take inspired actions and magnetize your dreams and desires faster.

Your business is ready for a soul alignment.
What’s holding you back?

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