Maximize Your Brilliance

Empowering you to reach your highest potential!


Love is Everything… How to increase your love quotient

  • Learn steps to repair & improve relationships
  • Steps to opening your heart to forgive & love unconditionally
  • How to become irresistible
  • Enjoy deeper more fulfilling connections
  • Tips to create more peace & harmony in your home

5 Habits of Enlightened ParentsSupercharge your child’s well-being & your parenting skills

  • Effective strategies to better communicate and connect
  • Simple ways to improve attitude, behavior and confidence
  • Learn powerful parenting success strategies
  • Boost social-emotional intelligence and self-esteem
  • Stop doing the things that push your child away

Maximize Your Brilliance-5 Steps to Reboot & Recharge Your Life

  • Upscale your health, relationships and business
  • Find out what is really interfering with your success
  • Learn innovative ways to relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • Tips to living a calmer more loving life
  • Align with your passion & purpose

    Express Your Power! Change your words change your life

    • Learn the power of positive words
    • Tell your wound story with lessons learned
    • Steps to a positive mind shift for better health & relationships
    • Discover a new therapeutic tool using Poetry-Therapy
    • Interactive


     Unleash Your Super-Powers! Easy steps to improve anything

    • Become an expert at visualizing your success
    • Imagine & create a new reality for yourself
    • Learn how to tap into the subconscious mind
    • Supercharge your skills, memory and learning
    • Reach goals faster and easier


    Boost Your Confidence-on and off stage. Polish your communication and speaking skills (TV host opportunity for women).

    Develop Your Intuition & Innate Gifts-Tune into your soul wisdom for guidance and solutions. Open up to your intuitive abilities and receive clarity on your life purpose.

    Tell Your Story-Learn how to share your story in a powerful way. Get writing and speaking tips on getting your message out there in a bigger way (speaking and writing training).

    Poetry Therapy-Steps to writing your own poetic remedy and share in spoken word style. 



    “When you let go of negativity…
    you set yourself free to harmonize with the flow of life.”-Carolyn