Life Coaching

                                                                             Upscale your Well-being, Relationships & Career

 Transformational Coaching  is a personal development program to accelerate growth and potential to maximize your brilliance!

  • Gain confidence & clarity
  • Shift into more positive thinking
  • Create your Happiness Blueprint
  • Learn tools to magnetize your goals and dreams
  • Uncover gifts and talents
  • Increase intuitive abilities
  • Become your own Life Coach
  • Align with your passion & purpose

Transformational Healing is a holistic, intuitive blend of innovative techniques to balance & align body, mind & soul. Reboot & recharge your life

  • Breakthrough self-doubt & fear
  • Release a life-time of emotional baggage
  • Improve sleep and health issues
  • Live a calmer more loving life
  • Enjoy fulfilling relationships
  • Learn self-healing techniques 

Healing Techniques

Healing Within– an emotional stress release technique that energetically balances and aligns the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of the body. It specifically clears toxins, heavy metals and emotions, aligns skeletal system, stabilizes organs and glands, and addresses pathogens, allergens, hormone imbalances, generational issues and energetic disturbances.

Hypnotherapy- Deep relaxation, guided imagery with positive suggestions. A powerful tool to make change easier and reach goals quicker. It is ideal for any issue such as addictions, pain, phobias, relationship, health, depression, anxiety, peak performance, confidence, goals and more.


Carolyn’s passion is in bringing peace to the chaos, light to the truth and healing to the pain She has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 15 years and has studied the healing arts. She is a Former Teacher and TV Host becoming an Internationally Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker. Carolyn guides her clients to break free of a life time of emotional baggage and limitations to reach their highest potential. As a successful Entrepreneur she produced and hosted her own show called, “Life on Purpose” on the Woman’s Broadcast Network Channel with over 30 million viewers. With a Master’s Degree in Education she taught school for over 20 years. Carolyn has been featured on many TV and radio shows with her inspirational story of transforming the lives of youth from gangs and jail with her Healing Hearts Curriculum. Carolyn truly upscale’s her client’s life. She also has a Teen/Young Adult coaching program and offers an Entrepreneur Mentorship for speakers and writers.


I can’t thank Carolyn enough! I’m feeling better on the inside and it shows on the outside! Even my husband is more attentive to me! My communication is better with my daughter too. It was super easy to open up with Carolyn. I felt so good after my session much more peaceful and balanced! I’m sleeping better too! I was truly amazed to discover that my health issue was tied to my grief. Kat, Sacramento

After working with Carolyn I am a different person! I have a lot more ambitious and am able to control my emotions. I am now inspired to help others and have a sense of empathy that I onced lacked. I feel stronger than ever before and use my talents to fight for those that feel as if they don’t have a voice. I have also been able to deal with my mental struggles that come from Bipolar schizophrenia. I have found a lot of pride within myself. -Jabrie, Sacramento                                                                                                                                         

WOW! Carolyn was able to bring to the surface things that were buried deep down inside of me helping me see what I was doing to myself. She asked me a question that uncovered my core issue and it shocked me as the answer popped out of my mouth that I was not being true to myself…I feel like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Her insights turned me around to the exact direction I was meant to pursue.  I felt so different after our session and have felt so positive since. My confidence has increased and I can finally do what I couldn’t do before in making a key change in my life to step more fully into my true self. I can’t thank Carolyn enough for helping me to make this powerful shift in my life. I would recommend Carolyn to everyone & look forward to working with her again. Make an appointment with her you will be so happy you did!  -Deanna-Idaho