Coaching & Healing

Guided Meditation – “Letting Go”

Maximize Your Brilliance!

A holistic, intuitive blend of techniques to balance body, mind & spirit. 

Empowering you to reach your highest potential in every area of your life.

Experience rapid results
Positive mind shift 
Gain confidence
Enjoy happier relationships
Reach goals faster & easier
Boost health & immune system

Happiness Blueprint  Uncover the specific triggers that are blocking happiness, health and relationships and step into the vision of what you do want

Transformational Coaching Detox the negativity from your life with a positive mind shift & learn the heart-stream method

Transformational Coaching & Healing (3-6 month program)

Includes one on one coaching and healing sessions, free session for family member,  2 free classes, VIP day, ticket to Soul Wisdom Retreat, workbook  group coaching call and 3 additional monthly coaching calls.

Youth Life Coaching-(12yrs-college age) Offering hope and support for youth and families who are struggling with mental, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues. Learn effective ways to improve emotional intelligence and gain tools to decrease stress and negativity. Experience greater self-esteem and confidence. Create a life plan map and discover your truest potential.

Healing Techniques

Healing Within– Emotional release technique that energetically clears stress at the cellular level. Powerfully balances and aligns the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of the body. It specifically clears toxins, heavy metals and allergens. Aligns skeletal system, stabilizes organs and glands, and addresses pathogens, hormone imbalances and generational issues. (Sessions work great for babies and animals too as it works remotely).

 Hypnotherapy- A deeply relaxing meditative state using guided imagery. A journey to self-discovery empowering you to understand why you do what you do. Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance for solultions. Discover your life purpose and innate gifts. Reach goals quicker and break free of: addictions, pain, phobias, depression, anxiety. Improve relationships, health, peak performance, confidence and more. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are always in complete control and will not do anything you don’t want to do.


“When you let go of negativity…
you set yourself free to harmonize with the flow of life.”-Carolyn