Recode Your Love Mindset

                     Learn the Art of Successful Dating & Relationships


What could be holding you back from the love you desire?

  • Tired of feeling disappointed, rejected or unfulfilled?
  • Worried that you may never find the one?
  • Secretly wondering if there’s something wrong with you?
  •  Afraid of being hurt again?
  • Maybe you find yourself alone or in a relationship you wish you weren’t in.And you know your way hasn’t been working!

    We’ve all experienced heartache and our wounds often turn into limiting beliefs or heart walls that keep us disconnected, afraid and stuck in unhealthy patterns.

    So, you just need to… Make Sense of Your Love Life!

    Don’t give up on LOVE yet!



   You can have…

   A Healthy, Committed, Soulful        Relationship You Deserve

      Let’s Rewrite Your Love Story Together!

Overcome confusion and heartache

Get the love you really want

Learn red hot dating & flirting tips


I was feeling sad and overwhelmed after losing my mom dealing with a toxic ex-husband and my children were struggling too. I am so grateful and happy I found Carolyn to help me let go of a life time of emotional baggage that was draining my life force. Shortly after our sessions everything improved beyond my wildest dreams! With a new perspective and inner peace, I was able to create a space for an extraordinary new man into my life. He is a handsome pilot who loves to whisk me around the world for romantic adventures. I have never had such a loving relationship. We just got married and I sent Carolyn our picture in front of the Eiffel Tower above. She really is like a Fairy God-mother!! -Suzie

I was feeling a lot of anxiety about my on again off again boyfriend, it was really interfering with my health and goals I had set for myself. I did not know what to do. Carolyn was highly recommended so I met with her and she helped me get clarity on what I really wanted. She was able to get to the root of my anxiety and kind of lift it right off my heart. I felt lighter and more connected to myself than I ever have been! I knew what I had to do and so I broke it off with my Mr. Wrong. A month later my new love story began. My Mr. Right just waltzed right in and it felt like a match made in Heaven!  We got married. I know that if I had not worked with Carolyn I would not have been ready to to meet the right one and say YES! -Mary

It is amazing what forgiveness can do for your life! Carolyn helped me improve all the relationships in my life and my business took off too! We worked on healing and forgiving the relationship with my mother first then my ex-husband. Carolyn helped me forgive on a really deep level that opened my heart. With this one shift I noticed that the relationship with my daughter improved immensely… AND the good news kept coming in!  New high end clients showed up, and my boyfriend proposed to me! Carolyn laughed when I told her that my boyfriend had proposed to me before and I said no. I don’t know why I said no before because he is everything I want! We invited Carolyn to our wedding!! -Jan

Carolyn K. McGraw is just like a “Fairy Godmother”

Helping her clients make their wishes and dreams come true faster! Carolyn has a passion for the Healing Arts and has been an Intuitive Counselor and Hypnotherapist for over 20 years. She has been featured on TV and radio. She is an expert Life, Dating & Business Coach as well as a Speaker and TV Host with her show called, “Life on Purpose”  on WBTVN.TV. She is also an international best selling co-author with her chapter entitled, “The Healing Power of Love & Forgiveness.” With a Master’s degree in Education she has taught K-12 grade levels for over 20 years transforming the lives of youth from gangs with her “Healing Heart” curriculum using spoken word & poetry-therapy.

How I became a Love Coach “Years ago I was amazed that many of my clients who came to me for anxiety, grief and depression would call me in a month and tell me the same thing, I found the best relationship of my life!” The incredible part is that they were not even trying. In our sessions we worked on healing their past relationships, with a forgiveness process. They felt lighter and brighter. Their assignment was to practice self-compassion and unconditional love…voila the magic ingredient to find true love!

Heart-Healing Path to Love

1.Take Off Your Love Armor

You cannot be in your value as long as you’re wearing, “Love Armor” because it deflects love. If you are protecting your heart no matter how badly you want love your armor may be blocking the connection and intimacy you long for. If you find yourself continually self-sabotaging, picking the wrong ones or struggling to commit then your armor is to blame.

 2. Recode Your Love Mindset

Whatever you are telling yourself about dating, relationships or love is creating the experience you are in now. If you are saying things like… “there are no good ones out there” or “I am afraid of getting hurt ” then you are not in the LOVE ZONE.  Shift into an abundance mindset to create the type of connection you desire. Don’t talk about what you don’t want only think and speak about what you do want to experience and create.

3. Develop a Heart-Aligned Relationship

Cultivate connection and intimacy in a heart-aligned relationship, where you can step into becoming your highest self with a high caliber partner to feel safe, heal, and grow together with a deeper connection, to communicate your deepest vulnerability, and be able to say “this is what I’m feeling,” “this is what I fear.”

 What If You Could 

  • Win in your love life
  • Trust yourself more
  • Discern the red flags sooner
  • Attract the right one and repel the wrong one


How Much Better Would It Be To…

  • Find a high caliber match
  • Express your needs & get them met
  • Open to true intimacy
  • Feel worthy, valuable and loveable                      
10x your Confidence & Emotional Intelligence

  • Feel confident in yourself
  • Better handle stress and emotions
  • Overcome relationship issues
  • Fall in love with yourself

What If You Had a Love Coach?

Someone who could show you how to better navigate the road to finding a fulfilling relationship while supporting you in transforming your life, so that you feel more empowered to be your best self, making better choices, living a more loving life. With a Love Coach you can make sense of your love life, heal your heart, raise your confidence, learn better tools saving you time, energy and heart break. Together we can get to the bottom of what’s not working, so that you can enjoy a loving, fulfilling relationship!


We will rewrite your Love Story together!
Discover how your story came to be. Dive into the feelings that caused you to create the stories you live from.

Identify the deeper truth beyond your story. Heal and transform your old story so you can rewrite your romantic, happily ever after story….even if you don’t believe in fairytales!


What You Get 

A Success Blueprint to uncover your blind spots, break old patterns, heal past relationship wounds, skills to attract high vibe connections, experience more self-acceptance and self-compassion. The Love Coaching package is a 6 month program with 3 one on one sessions each month to support and guide you to creating and living your love vision.

  • Proven strategies and tools to overcome challenges.
  • Top dating tips for ultimate love success.
  • Strategies to develop an Abundant Dating Mindset (see recorded class below).

 With the right guidance, great feedback and effective solutions, you can enjoy the best relationship of your life!

So, don’t give up on yourself or love…there is someone waiting just for you



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"Recode Your Love Mindset"

by Carolyn K. McGraw

                                                           Let’s Rewrite Your Love Story!

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