Learn to share your message, write your story and make a difference through a one-on-one mentorship with me, Carolyn.

Would you like to become a speaker that makes an impact?

Would you like to captivate your audience the way you’ve always imagined it?

Would you like to be known by your audience and your peers as the one who inspires thousands of people with your message?

If so, then I want to share with you a story that might make this possible.

Going From Speaking to a Room of

10 to 1ooo Inspired Audience

Carolyn K. Mcgraw – Speaker, Coach, and TV Host

20 years ago, I was struggling as a coach doing speaking gigs.

I was drained and felt like quitting.

There were only 10 people in a small meeting room after preparing my speech for 17 hours.

7 of them were busy eating and talking. 2 fell asleep. 1 left the room…in the middle of my story.

And deep down, I knew my message was boring and uninspiring.

That night shattered my confidence.

If I have a powerful message, then how come it didn’t empower my audience?

How could all my efforts led to a whole lot of work for zero results and an emotional breakdown?

Then I realized something: Whatever I was doing wasn’t working!

What I realized was that…

There is a Difference Between

Good Speakers and Sought-After Speakers that Get Paid

That realization changed my life.

I stopped doing what wasn’t working and began investing myself for the real secrets to becoming a speaker

A speaker who can confidently share a message that gets my audience to sit forward with eyes wide-open hanging on my every word…

A speaker who’s so inspirational that I could see their tears flow with a connection that is so touching to the heart…

A speaker who has uplifted a room full of thousands of people…

In the last few years I’ve created the kind of life I used to dream about!

I remembered speaking at a conference of about 1,349 people in the audience. It was an exhilarating feeling! I never noticed how much I could make people cry with joy with just my spoken words.

And, most importantly, I’ve helped many clients on how to step out of their fear of speaking and into the spotlight as a highly Sought-After Speaker.

Do You Have These Thoughts Holding You Back

From Doing Work You’re Meant to Do?

Does this sound familiar?

    • Just the thought of speaking on stage makes you question yourself such as, “What if my audience doesn’t like what I have to say?
    • You have a message to share but you just don’t know what to say and how to say it
    • You want to make an impact…but it seems like reaching a bigger crowd is too far away
    • You want to change people’s lives but you’re worried if you have what it takes to truly be like those speakers you’ve admired
  • You want to Be Authentically YOU when you speak

If this sounds like you, then we’re in the same boat. So here’s the thing…

Very Few Coaches Know How

to Speak in a Way that Captivates an Audience

Instead, they end up going through endless process of trial and error…

Throwing money at general public speaking courses, e-books, and coaches who only gives technical advice like “use an index card” or “Keep practicing and go to Toastmasters.

They end up burning out and trying all kinds of small gigs but don’t really have a profound message that inspires their audience and make a difference.

And it’s not because they’re not gifted or cut out for speaking. This is the norm.

The truth is…

You have a powerful message to share to the world, too, and people are waiting to hear it.

And the only problem is:

(1) Your fears are holding you back from sharing powerfully who you truly are

(2) You’ve never been told the hidden formula to become a highly sought-after speaker

Because to really starting living as a speaker who gets paid is to show up fully yourself and speak your truth with confidence. And guess what…

  • You don’t need to memorize lines after lines.
  • You don’t need to stiff your body language in a certain way.
  • And you don’t need 200 tricks to get people to listen to you.

There’s Only One Secret to Speaking that Inspires Thousands..

And that is how you show up as a speaker with your message.

The good news is that there IS a solution to overcome your fears and struggle that is holding you back from finally being heard.

To become a highly sought-after speaker is not only possible but it’s been my very profound realization as a coach. See, I’ve been able to do this in my own life on a level I never could have imagined a few years back.

In fact, it’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done. And I love it!

Through working with me, all kinds of people have produced amazing results in their lives.

And that is why this has to change starting today.

There’s a Fast Track to

Impacting Thousands of Audiences

What if you could skip the years of trial and error so you can rapidly make the impact you came here to do?

What if your story is so compelling it had the power to change lives, even save lives?

What if you could step on stage to share your message in front of people who need to hear it and get a standing ovation?

When you Become a Highly Sought-After Speaker, you will:

  • Be able to impact thousands of lives in a way that energizes you
  • You can serve as many people as you want without breaking your back
  • Unleash your true talents and gifts so you can spread your service to people who really need your help
  • Finally, step into your vision and inspire others to share your story

With the right coach who supports you every step of the way, you can breakthrough what’s holding you back to authentically share your deep message to thousands of audiences.

This is what successful thought leaders do. This is what I do.

And this is what I’d like to help you do.

Hi, I’m Carolyn.

  • I’ve been a entrepreneur & speaker for over 30 years
  • A TV Host on “Life on Purpose” on WBTVN.TV 
  • Featured in magazines from Humboldt Healthy Living
  • An international best-selling co-author
  • A transformational Life coach who helped thousands of people overcome their struggles and live their purpose

I am powerfully committed to helping you bring your message to the world – so you can make a bigger impact to the people that need to hear your story.

Just a couple of years ago, I couldn’t even put together 10 people in the audience, to inspire people with my story.

I was burnt-out and exhausted – with little to no paid gigs to show for it.

Because I was fed up with my lack of results, I became determined to
crack the code.”

I set out to learn why some people get paid to speak
easily, while others like myself were trying everything possible…
but barely getting results.

So I began investing in the best-of-the-best professional speakers
who already had the speaking career I wanted. I’m talking about over
$15,000 with speakers like David Fagan, Katrina Sawa, Brenda Beyers,

I started noticing dramatic improvements in just a few short months. 

I spoke to women’s conferences, school communities,
the state capital, etc. In fact, I was sought out to have my
own TV show! 

Since that time, I’ve mastered speaking. And my passion
in life is to share that knowledge with others who are
committed to becoming a sought-after speaker.

However, this isn’t about me. This is about YOU.

More importantly, You don’t have to spend
$15,000 or 3 years like I did to get here…

TV Host at

Wildflower Summits Women’s Conferences

Carolyn with David Fagan, Hollywood Entrepreneur

Interviewed On:

 Introducing the Fast Track 1-On-1

“Speaker Impact Coaching Program”

Here’s how it works…

Imagine the next time you walk up on-stage or you present at a meeting, you’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Not Knowing What to Say…
  • Sweating More Because You Notice You’re Nervous..
  • Scared People Will Think You are Saying Something Stupid or Irrelevant…

You can overcome any of your fears and struggles as a speaker with ease, grace and finesse.

You’ll never have the fear of freezing up or drawing a blank again.

Picture this…

You walk onstage and you effortlessly walk out with a standing ovation, and people felt inspired to reach out to you afterwards.

Imagine feeling confident in the first six months of the year that you already made an impact, and you get taken seriously and heard as a thought leader (It took me 3 years to achieve this!)

Visualize belonging to one of the highly sought-after speakers in your business…or even in your industry.

How is this possible?

By Using the Heal It, Write It, Speak It Process

to Help You Become a Highly Sought-After Speaker

The Speaker Impact Coaching Program uses a 3-step process to unleash the Speaker in you from the journey of a highly sought-after speaker so you can feel confident and authentic to share your message.

This coaching program gives you 6 months of immersion, support, coaching and concrete strategies to give you exactly what you need to create a sustainable and successful life as a speaker.

You’ll understand the insider’s secrets to positioning yourself as a Sought-After Speaker instead of worrying about chasing small competitive gigs.

You’ll know how to market yourself with what successful coaches, consultants and thought leaders are doing RIGHT NOW to getting paid to speak and inspiring your audience.

You’ll have a system of what to do after your speeches and why this is the most important part of your coaching and consulting business.

And the best part is…

You Won’t Have To Do It Alone

Because I’m here to support you every step of the way on your speaking journey.

You don’t even need to have any speaking experience to do this…

So you can try out your lines without worrying about messing up in front of a REAL audience and embarrassing yourself.

You’ll be able to make bigger impact to thousands of audiences in a fraction of the time without going through trial and errors.

How much would it cost you to keep feeling invisible and not making the impact you came here to do?

Doesn’t it make sense to equip yourself with every tools possible to go after your dreams?

Isn’t it time for you to awaken your inner Speaker with a message that has the potential to inspire, to impact, and to change lives?

So let’s get started…

Here’s What’s Inside

“The Speaker Impact” Coaching Program:

1. Heal It Process

Your story, message, and gifts starts inside YOU.

I’ll show you how to let go of deep rooted fears and anxiety so you can share your message with vulnerability and confidence.

You’ll understand the Highly Sought-After Speaker Mindset that will supercharge your success.

This is most important element that no other speaker coaches are sharing.

You are not just becoming a better speaker, you are becoming a better you.

2. Write It Process

Here is where you craft your compelling story to make a bigger impact and WOW your audience.

I take you step-by-step on how to clarify and flesh out your unique story and turn it into a compelling message that resonates with your audience.

You’ll understand how to bring your voice and your background and turn your wounds into Wows.

3. Speak It Process

You’ll discover how to step into your passion and purpose while I support you every step of the way.

So you can share your message and inspire others with confidence.

Imagine what it’s like to get a standing ovation and having one person say “Thank you, you’ve changed my life”.

Now you can live your dream to make a transformational impact with your voice, body language, and presence.

Here’s What My Clients are Saying

Carolyn has helped me greatly improve my confidence as a speaker, which has been a huge benefit to my career as a Business Consultant. Carolyn and I started working together because I needed help preparing for a presentation I was going to give in front of an audience of 250 people. Together we clarified my message and worked on how to deliver my story to the crowd. After receiving a standing ovation, I was also thanked by many people for sharing something they could relate to.

Since working with Carolyn, I have presented several more talks and plan to continue this path of speaking. I am so very grateful for Carolyn’s friendship and partnership throughout my process of growth. I could not have gained the confidence needed to be successful without her support and guidance. Elizabeth

Business Consultant

Carolyn gave me courage to speak from my heart and through her encouragement I came to understand myself in a deeper way. With her support I am writing a book now. Carolyn gave me the opportunity to get on TV too. Her unique process has changed me. Mariana


After working with Carolyn, I am a different person. I have a lot more ambitious and am able to control my emotions. I am now inspired to help others and have a sense of empathy that I once lacked. I have found a lot of pride within myself.

I write and speak to encourage people to fight through their pains and love one another. I am going to be releasing a book, which Carolyn and I worked on side by side. Jabrie


I came to Carolyn because I have my first speaking engagement in three weeks and didn’t have a clue what to speak about or how to speak about it.

I knew I had blocked energy in my throat. It was keeping me from speaking

And what I got in our session, Our VIP day. was my old story. But I also got to see my soul’s path and what has actually
been stopping me from being from fulfill my soul’s path.

I always knew I should speak that I didn’t know what I was supposed to speak about. And so now I know what I’m supposed to speak about and it is a topic that was never on invited radar that has me blown away right now.

And I’m still trying to absorb what that means. And it’s huge. It’s huge. Thank you. Denise

Coach & Healer

When You Join “Impact Speaker Coaching Program”, You’ll Get:

1) Regular 1-on-1 Coaching with Me (Live!)
Having a coach is the difference that separates good speakers from sought-after speakers that gets paid. You just can’t learn this from a book or a video. I’ll support you with over-the-shoulder guidance to your specific needs.

2) Email Access Support
When you need a hand, quick! Just send me an email and I will put my priority to helping you get what you need.

3) Fun Exercises to Successfully Practice What You Are Learning
Based on your strengths and what you need, I’ll tailor exercises that are fun to supercharge your success.

4) Vastly Improve Your Speaker Skills AND How to Get a Speaking Gig For Yourself!
The only way to get unshakable confidence is to get out there and speak. I’ll show you how to get speaking gigs and support you at every step of your journey.

And because I am committed to helping you bring your message to the world…

You’ll Also Get 4 BONUSES:

  • BONUS #1: Personal Sought-After Speaker Mindset Coaching with Carolyn.

    YOU are more than your speaker career. That’s why helping you with your mindset and other areas of your life will help you develop unshakable confidence on stage.

  • BONUS #2: An Interview with Me to Skyrocket Yourself as a Speaker

    Many times coaches would teach you the skills but you end up being on your own afterwards. With an interview session, you can position yourself as an expert and be known as a sought-after Speaker faster.

  • BONUS #3: Opportunities with Carolyn’s connections to Land Your First Speaking Gig
    You’ll get access to my connections so you don’t have to worry about how to land your first speaking gig. I’m here to support you at every stage of your speaker journey.
  • BONUS #4: Access to Carolyn’s Resources and Templates
    You’ll get the same resources that I have in my 3 years of becoming a speaker now at your fingertips, so you can fast-track your way to speaking to thousands of audiences.

Give Yourself the Opportunity to

Become an Inspiration to Thousands of People!

Nowhere else can you get an in-depth training from a Coach in half-a-fraction of the time it normally takes. It’s the training I wish I had received when I was getting things rolling.

This will help you avoid hundreds of expensive mistakes that I’ve personally made, and empower you to grow organically, naturally and joyfully into your full potential.

After all, I’m not some university professor with a bunch of public speaking “theories.”

I’m not a speaker guru teaching you to be a generic speaker. 

No, I am a down-in-the-dirt, rolled-up shirt-sleeve empowered entrepreneur who knows what it means to have been completely uninspired speaking my heart-felt message to cold expressionless faces, and how to turn it around.

Everything you’ll learn in my coaching program I am doing, or have done, on my path to a sought-after speaker success.

But This Coaching Program Is NOT For Everyone

Only join if you’re truly serious about becoming a highly-sought after speaker who get paid!

If you are looking for quick-fixes, you are not coachable, or you don’t have a message or story to share…Then this may not be for you.

The single one thing I’m looking for to become a speaker that inspires and gets paid is Desire.

Desire to turn your dreams into reality…

Desire to make a difference in the world…

A Burning desire to take action and inspire thousands of audiences who need to hear your message!

So if you’re sick of the daily grind, you’re dying to get your gifts out there on a bigger scale, and you’re ready to bring full expression to your real purpose and finally make the impact you desire…

Book a free consultation with me to see how I can help you.

I have a few spots open. I’m only taking a few clients so I can give my best personal attention. Once it’s filled up, I won’t be taking any more clients.

So let’s work together to breakthrough your fears and welcome a new empowered YOU as a Sought-After Speaker.

Let’s Have a Chat First And See If We Are a Good Fit

I’ll interview you for a few minutes and tell you straight, whether you should apply or not.

Based on my experience, I can usually tell within just a couple of minutes.

Then we can arrive at the right decision for You.

I promise there will be NO hard-sell of any kind.

I simply only want candidates who are the right fit, and we can work well together.

Still have questions about working with me?

Send me an email at Carolyn(at) with the subject line “Sought-After Speaker” and I’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Hope to work with you soon!

Very best,

Copyright © 2020 Carolyn K. McGraw