Speaking Topics

Uncover Your Happiness Blueprint- 5 Steps to supercharge your health & well-being
• Find out what is draining you and interfering in your well-being
• Learn holistic techniques to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and pain
• Learn how to boost your immune system fast
• Rejuvenate instantly with a positive mind shift

Express Your Power! Speak & write the words of your heart
• How words can affect your health and hinder your goals
• Steps to a positive mind shift
• Poetry-Therapy a healing remedy

Love is Everything… Increase your love quotient and enjoy more loving, fulfilling relationships.

The most difficult people in your life are your greatest teachers.
• Increase your self-compassion
• Steps to healing relationships
• Strategies to happier more loving relationships
• Discover your happiness blueprint

Soul Wisdom- Learn how to trust and follow your intuition more
• Learn the heart stream technique for inspiration & solutions
• Spiritual tools to live a more loving life
• Steps to create a Heaven on earth in your life, home and family

Unleash Your Super-Power! Learn how to improve anything in your life using visualization and positive suggestions
• Tap into the magic of the subconscious mind
• Supercharge your memory, learning and skills
• Reach goals faster and easier
• Learn easy steps to self-hypnosis

5 Habits of Enlightened Parents-Supercharge Your Parenting Skills and Your Child’s Well-Being.
• Effective strategies to deeper communication and respect
• Simple ways to boost motivation, attitude, confidence and self-esteem
• Strategies to improve social emotional intelligence
• Stop doing the things that push your child away

Speaking Style
Dynamic, engaging, interactive, inspirational and heartfelt
Past Speaking Events
TV- “Paranormal Connection” Cable TV (Comcast 17 http://www.acesssacramento.org/)
Spotlight The Allison H. Larson Show FIOS channel 45 Riverside County
Womens Broadcast TV Network WBTVN.TV

Radio- Voice America, Influencers channel, “Spotlight the Allison Larsen Show”,

“The Good Life Show” Jon Robert Quinn, 105.5 FM Sacramento

“Learning Made Easy Talk Radio”, Bonnie Terry (http://www.bonnieterrylearning.com/learning-made-easy-talk-radio/) Segullah.org “words fall in”

California State Capital
Icon Summit expert panel
Schools-John Muir Charter Schools,
Churches-Baptist Church, LDS Church, Unity Church
Holistic Lighthouse-Roseville, CA
Zurvita-4ABetter U 2
Rotary Club-Citrus Heights
Women’s Love Retreat-San Diego
Rocklin Retirement Community

Carolyn has a warm and loving style that captivates you and keeps you engaged. Her extensive knowledge of her topics is thoroughly impressive. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a speaker. Randy-Coach

I have a new lease on life! Carolyn showed me how I was holding on to things I was unaware of. She helped me understand myself in a much deeper way and pinpointed exactly what I needed to do to let go of it. Now I can love myself more. I love you Carolyn! -Cindy-CA

Carolyn has a special gift! She has the ability to reflect the words of your soul. She brings a soothing energy of clarity, peace and love. Now, I know how to get back to my highest self. -Denver, CA

When I heard Carolyn speak, I felt uplifted. She gave a lot of interesting insights and I learned great tips that could heal my relationships. Her message was exciting and heartfelt at the same time. James-Trainer