Teen Life Coaching

Is Your Child Struggling?

What People Are Saying

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to turn?
  • Concerned about your child’s well-being and future?
  • Is your relationship feeling strained and disconnected?
  • Are you feeling anxious about your child’s poor choices and low self-esteem
  • Do you feel like your child is losing their way, unmotivated, and getting influenced by negativity?
  • Is your child feeling anxious or depressed, struggling in school, having friendship challenges, or just having a hard time?

It’s heartbreaking to watch your child suffer… not knowing how to help them.

Maybe you have tried everything to make it better and nothing has worked. It may feel like your child is pulling your whole family down.

Carolyn K. McGraw –  Life Coach, Educator, Hypnotherapist

I know raising a teenager is tough.

Teens today suffer from a variety of issues that even the most experienced parents, teachers and therapists are unable to understand at first. Often, teens don’t want to share what they are feeling. They aren’t sure how to overcome their challenges or how to express themselves.

Now more than ever…our children need extra support and mentoring to help them thrive in life. With the right support and tools, we can help your teen improve their attitude, health and behavior. Also offering parent support to destress and help you bring in more peace and love into your home and family.

“My son has improved in every way. He was able to get off medicaton. His grades, behavior and social skills have all improved very quickly. His focus and concentration in school is much better too. It is amazing how much better my son feels about himself and his life.” Sandi, UT

How does Teen Life Coaching Work?

I empower teens to discover who they are and why they do what they do. I teach them life skills and tools to cope with stress and emotions. 

It’s a unique method with holistic strategies to release pain, trauma, stress, grief, anxiety, depression, self-harm, OCD etc.

We work on self-esteem, confidence, goals, managing emotions, communication & relationship skills, and more.

I help your teen make a positive mind shift, develop self-compassion, and increase their emotional intelligence so they can have positive coping skills to deal with challenges.

You can expect a nurturing, supportive, empowering, judgment free space. Teens I worked with come out of session with a big smile on their face feeling more positive and understood.

My holistic approach is transformational offering success coaching,  parental support, and academic coaching.

Success Coaching

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • How to build healthier relationship
  • Working through adversity
  • Releasing emotional stress

Parental Support

  • Improve family relationships
  • Healthy school-family-social balance
  • Better communication skills

Academic Strategy

  • Handle the pressure of school
  • How to motivate your child for success
  • College readiness
  • Boost study skills

Hi, I’m Carolyn k. mcgraw

And I’m here to support your family in navigating this most critical time.

I’m a Life Coach & Intuitive Counselor

  • Educator of 20 years with Masters Degree in Education
  • High School English Teacher & Reading Specialist
  • Mother of 4 happy successful kids
  • TV Host, Author, Speaker
  • Creator of Healing Hearts Program for At Risk Youth
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist for 15 years

High School teacher to TV Host 

Why I do what I do:

My sister died of cancer on her daughter’s 8th birthday. The grief had taken a toll on my niece failing school. When I saw my niece years later at a family event she was 13 years old then and I could see that she was deeply depressed. She could not hold a conversation and walked with her head down, unable to make eye contact. When I asked her what she likes to do, she responded, “sit on my bed”. She needed massive help.

I later learned that she was cutting herself, threatened to burn her house down and wished her dad was dead. She told a friend she wanted to bring a gun to school. The cops and CPS rushed to the school and told her father that she needs to get counseling, but he did not know where to turn to or how to find the right person to help.

I asked her dad if she could stay with me for a few weeks. I created a teen boot camp of sorts using every tool I had to help her heal the grief that had turned to depression. Her dad reported that she came back a different kid, getting along, happier and kinder.

We were all shocked to see such an amazingly beautiful transformation!She now walked with confidence, making eye contact and even smiling. She began making healthier choices to improve her life in every area.

I have worked with teens out of jail and gangs teaching life skills and poetry-therapy. I witnessed their profound transformation as they step up to being leaders in the school inspiring their classmates. They felt more motivated to succeed and go to college. Many of them went on to write books and perform spoken word at events, getting standing ovations on TV.

This is why I love helping and inspiring teens to blossom and reach their highest potential.

If you’re ready to see your teen transform, let’s talk. I will ask you about your child’s strengths and interests. I will want to learn as much as I can about your child’s health, experiences and goals.

” The work Carolyn does is life changing and we can’t thank her enough for helping our whole family!” Nancy, CA

Benefits of Teen Life Coaching

Healthier Friendships and Communication

Improve Family Relationship

Improve Grades and have More Motivation in School

See your child blossom into a responsible young adult

Stronger Sense of Self-Worth

Feel More Peace and Harmony in Your Home

Are you ready to see your teen thrive?

                 Then  let’s schedule a 20 min. phone call so I can show you how to put a smile back on your kid’s face.

                                                         (We do not accept insurance and all appointments are virtual.)

“Before working with Carolyn I felt helpless and didn’t know how to cope with my emotions in a healthy way. I learned coping mechanisms and how to have more gratitude for things. I was able to change the way I perceived myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I see good changes. I no longer feel helpless and I am more confident about my life. Riya, 19yrs old

“Carolyn is very compassionate and intuitive. She has such a calming way and able to understand what is really going on. My daughter is much happier now and our relationship is so much better thanks to her work. She also gave me some awesome parenting tips that work like magic.” Page, CA

“My experience with Carolyn was absolutely amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, but I can tell you my session turned out to be absolutely incredible and I wish everybody could experience what I felt that day. Carolyn guided me gently to my special place within, where I let go of everything that had to do with the physical/material world to enter a state of what I could best describe as blissful, where I suddenly felt like I was floating in Lightness, Freedom, Love, Joy, Excitement with a smile on my face that wouldn’t go away for a long time after the session was over… I was completely blown away by that experience, nothing compares to it… WOW… it felt SO good!!!!” Sophie, Sacramento

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