Teen Life Coaching – Is Your Child Struggling?

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to turn?
  • Concerned about your child’s well-being and future?
  •  Your relationship is feeling strained and disconnected?
  • Feeling anxious about your teen’s poor choices and low self-esteem
  • Fearful of the negative influences taking over?

The hardest part of your day is what most parents don’t talk about.

It’s heartbreaking to watch your child suffer… not knowing how to help them.

It may feel like your child is pulling your whole family down.

You feel you have tried everything  to make it better and nothing has worked!

I know how you feel because I used to be in the same boat. I’ve been an Educator for over 20 years and a Mother of 4 children who are now all happy, healthy and successful! My teenage son treated me like I was the worse person in the world and cut me out of his life completely for a long time. 

As a former high school teacher I have helped many of my students get relief from anxiety and depression through my emotional intelligence lessons and therapeutic writing program. It is a transformational process that increases confidence and self-esteem in huge ways!

I have a Master’s Degree in Education and have been on TV and Radio with my story of changing the lives of teens out of jail and gangs. I created my Healing Hearts Program for schools. I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 15 years and use an emotional stress release technique that balances and aligns the body, mind and soul that is very effective and powerful. My gift is helping teens and parents feel happier, healthier and more successful.  

Now more than ever…our children need more support and mentoring to survive and thrive in life.

With the right support and tools, we can help your child improve their attitude, behavior, confidence, health, grades and self-esteem. You can also enjoy more peace and love in your home and relationships, seeing your kids thrive.

I’m Carolyn K. McGraw, and I’m here to support your family in navigating this most critical time. 

As a Teen Success Coach I support parents and guide their children to a happier, healthier way of living.

I empower them to find hope and joy on their journey, by building their social-emotional intelligence leading them to greater happiness & success with the Maximize Your Brilliance Program.

 What is the Maximize Your Brilliance program?

It is a unique and innovative method to release emotional stress, improve well-being, health, attitude and behavior. It includes life skills, mindset training with tools to overcome stress and challenges in healthy ways. Learning how to communicate respectfully while building happier more loving relationships.

My holistic approach focuses on 3 elements: Parental support to improve the relationship, Life Coaching for confidence with a positive mind shift and academic support to better handle the pressure of school.

Teen Success Coaching

 Improve self-esteem, relationships addictions and health
 Mind-set training

Emotional stress release technique

Hypnotherapy, Guided imagery

Life skills & life plan map

Parental Support

Systematic and holistic approach to parenting challenges
 Improve relationships and communication
 Learn effective strategies to raise your child’s emotional intelligence

Academic Coaching

Learning-style evaluation
 Laser focused strategies for studying and test-taking
Communication skills and public speaking

My son has improved in every way. He was able to get off medicaton. His grades, behavior and social skills have all improved very quickly. His focus and concentration in school is much better too. It is amazing how much better my son feels about himself and his life.” -Sandi, UT

Ready for Coaching?

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Benefits of Life Coaching

  • Improve family relationships

  • Let go of frustrations 

  • Enjoy deeper connections

  • Feel more peace & harmony in your home

  • See your child blossom & reach their highest potential

If you’re tired of your endless battle with your teen and seek peace in your family, let’s schedule a 30 min phone call.

And I can show you how to put a smile back on your kid’s face.

"I was extremely worried about my 13 year old granddaughter who was dealing with serious depression and cutting herself. We were desperate for help and did not know where to turn. After a few sessions with Carolyn we were literally shocked to see such an amazingly beautiful transformation in our granddaughter's demeanor, attitude and confidence. Everything began to improve for her at home and school. The work Carolyn does is life changing and we can't thank her enough for helping our whole family!" -Nancy, CA

Are You ready to Empower Yourself and Your Teen?

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“Carolyn is very compassionate and intuitive. She has such a calming way and able to understand what is really going on. My daughter is much happier now and our relationship is so much better thanks to her work. She also gave me some awesome parenting tips that work like magic.” -Page, CA

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