“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield

Our fear is based on a belief system from our past and we project it on to the present and future. Many people run from their fear by staying busy, judging others or using numbing substances to deal with it. When we live in the trance of fear, we develop protection strategies that brings tension to the body that can lead to health problems like ulcers, cardiovascular damage gastrointestinal problems, weakened immune system accelerated aging and more.

When fear is resisted, powerful opportunities are missed. When we face our fears there is freedom and healing. Fear blocks our spiritual perception. Fear separating us from God. We can’t be in faith if we are focused on fear. Fear can keep blessings from arriving. When we worry, we are really saying…”I’m not sure God will do anything about my situation, so I’m going to worry for Him.” Worry is a lack of trust.

One of my clients had an intense fear of speaking and it was difficult for her to just have a one on one conversation. She realized that this fear was holding her back in so many areas of her life personally and professionally. She wasn’t happy and knew that she had to push herself to make an intentional change to overcome her fear. She decided to challenge her life-long fear and step out of her comfort zone in a big way.

She volunteered to speak to a group of 250 educators for her first speaking engagement. Our first step working together was to uncover the core of the fear, the emotional trauma. She had many experiences as a child that made her feel there was something wrong with her ability to speak. The key was to release the emotion stuck in her throat and change the limiting belief before working on her speech. Her daily affirmation was, “I am confident and able to speak with ease”. As we worked not only did her confidence and speaking improve but, also her health and relationships too. The most amazing thing happened after her first speaking gig, she received a standing ovation!

Change Your Thoughts, Napoleon Hill said, “Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” We have control over our thoughts and can change the channel of our thoughts. Begin to retrain the brain by recognizing the fear story and reframe it with a better story. Let yourself laugh at the old story and create a new story of hope.

The following steps will break the negative cycle. Retrain the Brain 1. Pause negative thoughts immediately 2. Breathe deeply a few times and picture a rose in front of you 3. Stay present and out of judgement 4. Give yourself a dose of compassion 5. Notice where in your body you are feeling it 6. Ask yourself what you are believing right now 7. Go deeper and ask your fear/worry what it wants 8. Pray or meditate to release it from your body and mind 9. Focus on what you are grateful for 10. Ask yourself what action you need to take We have the power to overcome our fears. Focus on a better story. Change your thinking habits. Take the challenge to confront the fear and receive all the blessing waiting on the other side!

Carolyn K. McGraw is a Transformational Coach, Speaker Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Entrepreneur Mentor. www.carolynkmcgraw.com

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